Noah Telson

Noah is a German American comedian/actor/improviser. He is a founding member of GLB, Berlin’s premier long form improv group and was a member of ComedySportz Berlin for 8 years. In the fall of 2015, he opened Comedy Café Berlin, the city’s first international alternative comedy stage and improv school, an effort which has afforded him the title of “ye generous shepherd of improv teachers” by Will Hines himself. He has studied and performed improv with Will Hines (UCB), Alex Berg (UCB), Craig Uhlir (iO & Second City), Lee White (CRUMBS), Philip Markle (Annoyance, BCC) and Brian Kapell (CSz). You can see him performing improv with GLB, Tatort auf Englisch, Action Jackson, Lee White and the Noah Telsons and with his solo project, Ghost. He has taught improv for ComedySportz Berlin and Hive Improv and currently teaches and co-directs at The CCB Training School.



Friday 6/14, 10am-1pm // Piątek 14.06, 10-13 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ

Creating narrative in improv is arguably the most difficult thing to get ‘right’. This is because we put too much credence on creating a narrative at the top of our scenes/shows. We often see this in themed shows with strong concepts. But these shows often fall way short of their bold claims. (Your film noir improv show looked like a… poorly written film noir.) So what if we approach improv from the other side? What if we say “fuck plot” and focus first on actually improvising?

This workshop uses a series of two-person scene exercises to draw out the magic of focusing on improvising and letting a narrative unfold symptomatically.

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY


Saturday 6/15, 2pm-5pm // Sobota 15.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
This workshop is geared for folks who’ve studied Game and want to practice under a scrutinizing eye. We’ll run premise-based initiations until you’re blue in the face.

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY