Kaisa Kokko

Kaisa Kokko is an improv artist from Finland, teacher and co-founder of the Finnish Improv School in Helsinki. Kaisa has learned, performed and taught improvised theater for more than 15 years and has more than 20 years of experience in scripted theatre. She has had the pleasure of teaching and/or performing improv in all the continents, except for Antarctica.

Kaisa has taught improv for kids, teenagers and adults from different fields of life, performs regularly with different groups and works in the field of applied improvisation and communication skills.

Kaisa specializes in deep and meaningful connections, relationship based grounded scene work and musical improvisation. Kaisa has studied at the iO Chicago, Unexpected Productions in Seattle and under many great improv teachers all over the world, including Keith Johnstone. Kaisa firmly believes in the strengthening power of improv and is thrilled to be part of something that will — little by little — change the world!



Friday 6/14, 10am-1pm // Piątek 13.06, 10-13 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 401 (4th floor/4 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
When does the performance start for the audience? When does it end? What will they go home with? Who has the power? In this workshop we will explore the connections that can be made between actors and the audience. In out traditional performances, those on stage tend to inform those off stage how to feel and react. What would it be like to create the performance with the audience and truly listen to them? What does the world around us have to say when we let it talk? How can we immerse the audience in an improvised theatre experience? This workshop will leave you rethinking the way you look at performances, audiences, and the relationship between them.

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY


Friday 6/14, 2pm-5pm // Piątek 14.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 401 (4th floor/4 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
This is a workshop for everyone who wants to develop their skills in creating music in improv. In the workshop we will explore different possibilities to make music without actual instruments, using our voices and bodies. Let's try out different exercises and games of group listening, forming bands, creating different kind of sound sceneries and use all we learn by improvising scenes inspired by our work!

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY