Berlin, Germany/Berlin, Niemcy

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Podobno ta grupa przywiozła do Niemiec amerykański komediowy styl. Zacięcie szukają wyraźnych charakterów i relacji w swoich spektaklach.

Skład: Nicole Ratjen, Josh Telson i Noah Telson

Język: EN


GLB is Berlin’s longest running English-language longform improv team and the premier house team at Comedy Café Berlin. Formed in 2013 as Good Luck, Barbara!, GLB is one of the first teams to bring North American-style longform improv to the German Hauptstadt, and has been performing continuously since then – from claustrophobic basement bars to sold out theaters, and festivals like the Del Close Marathon in New York City and SlapDash in London. GLB members form the core teaching faculty at The CCB Training School and have trained a new generation of fantastic improvisers in Berlin. They are Nicole Ratjen, Josh Telson and Noah Telson. GLB perform a modified Pretty Flower, exploring grounded characters, exploding into game, patterns and relationships.

Members: Nicole Ratjen, Josh Telson & Noah Telson

Language: EN