George Dumitru

George's improv and teaching style have, not so curiously, been affected by his background in Finance and Economics. He focuses on being clear, specific and very goal-oriented when performing or teaching. Oh, and he’s convinced that there’s always something new and exciting that he has yet to learn, which helps him remain enthusiastic about improv and life, in general.



THURSDAY 6/13, 2pm-5pm // Czwartek 13.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 401 (4th floor/4 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ

Oh, dear, the dreaded conflict... Whether you’ve been improvising for six months or five years, more often than not you’re stuck in a stalemate, with characters arguing, wasting time and going nowhere. Instead of avoiding conflict altogether, how about you cherish those arguments and treat them as great opportunities to move the story forward, inform your characters and even get at deep, meaningful truths?

This workshop will focus on creating understanding between improvisers even if their characters argue, offering your „opponent” the upper-hand or even creating conflict where and when it suits your scene.

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY


SATURDAY 6/15, 2pm-5pm // Sobota 15.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 801 (8th floor/8 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ

Hello, beginning improvisers! Are you having trouble avoiding conflict within your scenes? Is it always your character’s first day at the job or does the communication with your partner become too focused on fighting instead of agreeing? In other words, do your scenes become too much, too fast? If so, The Hangout is the workshop for you! Based on the idea that less is more, this workshop is all about enjoying the scenes in which nothing really happens. It’s just characters living their every day life, with no major events coming their way. Also, we’ll take a look at how essential these scenes are when telling a longer story, giving time and context to those crazy scenes that we can’t (and shouldn’t) avoid.

10-16 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY