Delia Riciu

Delia Alexandra Riciu's background in gymnastics, modern dance, theater and 10 years of improv have made her into a very playful improviser and trainer. She is fascinated about the scenic possibilities that improvisation has presented her with, like bringing fight choreography into scenes. She will be sharing this with you during her workshop at WIFE!




THURSDAY 6/13, 10am-1pm // Czwartek 13.06, 10-13 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
THURSDAY 6/13, 2pm-5pm // Czwartek 13.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 801 (8th floor/8 piętro) // 150 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ

Stage fighting takes a certain courage and a certain knowledge to do it. So, if you want to incorporate an epic and fun to watch fight into your scene, then you’ve come to the right place!

This workshop focuses on stage fighting and how to gradually and naturally come to it and make it all look credible without too much effort. Though, some small amount of effort will be required. Whether it’s about sword fighting techniques, fist fighting, pillow fighting or simply taking in a punch or a fall, this workshop is meant to give you the necessary tools to use in case you need them. And it also focuses on coherently identifying and constructing the tension in a scene.

10-14 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY