Crocodile Paws

Helsinki, Finland/Finlandia

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Taki duet może powstać tylko wtedy, gdy komiczki z Ameryki i Finlandii spotkają się przypadkiem w Irlandii!

Skład: Kaisa Kokko, Sara Palmer

Język: EN


Kaisa Kokko (Finland) and Sara Palmer (Arizona) met in Ireland and performed in a mixer show together after knowing each other for two hours. Aftewards they felt they simply have to do it again! And so they did. They have since performed together in both of their home countries and continue to explore the wonders of improvisational theatre, adding new countries, theatres and festivals to their list. Kaisa loves to drink sparkling water and has too many dresses. Sara is a fan of good t-shirts, solitaire and potatoes. What happens on stage? Come and see us play!

Members: Kaisa Kokko, Sara Palmer

Language: EN