Carla Cackowski

Carla Cackowski is an improviser, writer, and director from Los Angeles. She is a graduate of The Second City LA, Upright Citizens Brigade, and iO West and has played on Mainstage improv teams at all three theaters. Carla recently spent a year in Portland, Oregon as the Co-Artistic Director of Curious Comedy Theater. She has been teaching improv and sketch at the Second City Hollywood since 2010 and is currently the Training Center Director at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA. She regularly tours performing and teaching with her two person improv show, "Orange Tuxedo". She has been a guest improviser on Paul F. Tompkins "Spontaneanation" and Kevin Pollock's "Alchemy This". She also created and hosts her own improv podcast, “Improv Yak"!



WEDNESDAY 6/12, 6pm-9pm // Środa 12.06, 18-21 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 165 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
Your character’s point of view is the funnel through which they view the world. Playing a strong point of view simplifies your choices so you can focus on your partner as opposed to scanning your brain for the millions of possible “right” things to say. Your first character choice is what you promise the audience and following through on that promise is your objective. Carla will take you through a number of exercises on initiating, exploring, and heightening point of view so you can relax and let your character’s voice do all the heavy lifting.

10-16 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY


THURSDAY 6/13, 10am-1pm // Czwartek 13.06, 10-13 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 165 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
A group of people working together to build something from nothing is the foundation of all great improv groups. In this workshop participants will be led through a series of exercises building group mind. Emphasis is taken off the individual and placed on exploring improv through the ensemble’s eye.

10-16 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY


THURSDAY 6/13, 2pm-5pm // Czwartek 13.06, 14-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 165 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ
The same communication skills that make for a good relationship make for a good improvised scene. Real-life married couple Craig and Carla Cackowski (from the duo Orange Tuxedo) share their favorite exercises that foster open communication between scene partners! Learn how to read each other’s minds, express your ideas clearly, and avoid arguments (while still getting what you want).!

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY


SUNDAY 6/16, 10am-5pm // Niedziela 16.06, 10-17 // Szkoła Impro (ul. Długa 44/50), room 602 (6th floor/6 piętro) // 330 PLN // BOOK HERE/ZAREZERWUJ

In this sketch comedy workshop, you will learn how to take your comedic ideas from premise to fully fleshed out script. Students will brainstorm ideas with the group and then learn a seven beat structure Carla has used while writing sketch shows for stage and television. Each participant will walk away with new techniques for pitching, outlining, and writing dialogue for the hilarious sketches that they can then go off and produce themselves!

10-16 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY