Our Team

Agnieszka Matan

I’m an improviser, sociologist and manager of culture. I started to take part in workshops of Szkoła Impro in 2013 and from that moment my adventure with improvisation has begun (!). I perform in Teatr Improwizacji Hulaj, teach impro children and adults and cooperate with Klub Komediowy. I love Warsaw and old songs.

Paweł Najgebauer

Putting it together / Line up / Workshops
Improviser in Klancyk, Hofesinka and PiP Show duo. Sketch comedy writer. Improv teacher in Szkoła Impro. Studied in iO, Annoyance, Second City, UCB and performed on Chicago Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon and Manila Improv Festival. Traveller, avid reader and martial arts lover.


Agnieszka Purc

Volunteers / Contact with Polish groups

During the day I run my own company, b2b sales, in the evening I help in Klub Komediowy, the best place in Warsaw. My adventure with improv has started in January 2016 and it was true love from the first “yes and“. Studied improv in Szkoła Impro, iO Chicago and Annoyance Theatre. Improviser in JTS Bumsztal, Mama ryba and Nadejdą lepsze dni. I am healthy food freak and crime novels reader.

Agata Rozbicka

Artists agreements / Formal assistance

Manager of culture, Szkoła Impro and Klancyk Coordinator. Improviser at Trans Markiza, Pijana Panda and JTS Bumsztal. I started improv at Szkoła Impro in February 2015 and I have never thought I would be working here. I love my job. I spend a lot of time in my car and playing ukulele.

Aleksandra Skołożyńska

Sponsors / Line up / Workshops
Improviser, manager at Teatr Improwizowany Hofesinka, formerly 6 years employee at BASF. I fell in love with improv in march 2015 and doing it since than. Studied improv in iO Chicago, Annoyance Theatre, with Jimmy Carrane and with best improvisers from Warsaw at Szkoła Impro. Member of teams: Maki Boskie, Pijana Panda, in the past 1000DEN. Currently training as a vocalist with Krzysiek Wojciechowski.