IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana:

IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana are Peter Frankl, Vid Sodnik and Juš Milčinski. Three performers joined their forces into a performing crew with the intention for a professional approach to the improvisational arts. Although young, but experienced actors perform regularly in Ljubljana, all around Slovenia and are becoming more and more active all across Europe and North America.IGLU are regular visitors of numerous international festivals where they’ve been teaching, learning and performing. They have performed in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and different cities in Canada and USA. The cast is proud to be a part of the European improv project Ohana and ITI – International Theatresports Institute.
THURSDAY 23rd, 6:30 PM
Workshop schedule (descriptions below):

Feb 25th, SATURDAY 10am-1pm Improvise it out loud! (Juš Milčinski)
Feb 25th, SATURDAY 10am-1pm Seeking the joy in establishing your goals through your partner (Peter Frankl)


LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/dAb11j0lWayEE61E2 or scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Both workshops will be held in Teatr Ochoty:

jusprofil_wifeJuš Milčinski:
Juš Milčinski has been performing in the art of improvisational theatre since 1999, first as a member of the Slovenian high school improvisational league and later as a member of different impro troupes in the adult Slovenian improvisational league, playing mostly shortform theatre. In 2003 he joined the Improklub project, adding longform impro to his resume and later performing in numerous longform shows with different theatres. He is a co-founder and member of IGLU – Improvisational Theater of Ljubljana, where he regularly performs and teaches since 2013. He is also the executive producer of the Naked Stage, international festival of improvisational theatre in Ljubljana and the artistic leader of Improvizija, an improvsed song contest inspired by Eurosong. He loves American football, modern dance and Beirut (the band).

franklprofil_wifePeter Frankl:
Peter Frankl is one of the co-founders and members of Improv theatre of Ljubljana – IGLU where he performs. Peter’s been improvising since his 14th year, starting with ŠILA then Impro liga, (Slovenian junior and national impro leagues respectively) before co-forming his own professional group. in that time he has performed in over 20 cities across Europe and North America, and is currently teaching classes at IGLU and at highschools across Ljubljana; abroad he has taught in Ghent, Wiesbaden, Krakow, Brno and Port Coquitlam, and is part of the international network of improvisers – Ohana, the current associate artistic director of Improvizija and co-founder of the improv-art-performance ansamble ‘Human Calculator’ dealing with participatory theatre and the dystopian-based audio-visual ansambel ‘Laser Beasts’. He also dipped in theatre directing doing the ŠILA-based show ‘Chairs’ and was called upon for actor training for the award-winning show ‘Conference of Birds’.


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS (workshops dates will be announced soon!)

Improvise it out loud! (Juš Milčinski)
Have you ever been in a improvised show where everything was just screaming for you to do an improvised song, but you tried everything to avoid it? It’s not that you don’t like improvising or singing, your just scared to combine the two? Have no fear! Juš Milčinski is an improviser from Slovenia, who loves to improvise and sing, and funny enough also love doing improv songs! He will teach you everything you need to know about making up songs and not worrying too much about it! Most importantly – this workshop will give you a chance to test your song-making skills through fun exercises and inhibition-free performances.

Seeking the joy in establishing your goals through your partner (Peter Frankl)
As a scene partner, one should have an objective, and a need to reach that objective. First, what does the character want on a smaller scale, then what does the improviser want to achieve on a larger. Actors should be able to find their kick in others by setting out to establish a clear agenda, and in the subsequent mash of the two. How to work with and against it.
This workshop combines a focus on scenework and relationships with a lens on establishing your goals, and finding the joy in that. In the scenes, we will explore our environment in more depth, how to assume a role, hold a stance and stand by it, using narration, how to deliver content, maintaining the comittment towards achieving a goal, and how to switch-up your methods to get what you want. You will develop a variety of tools to create complex characters with a clear purpose.