We have a great privilege to announce our festival headliners – Dummy – who will teach in Warsaw a host of workshops. Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts are considered in the improv world as a one of the absolute top improvised duos.

Workshop schedule (descriptions below):

Feb 23rd, THURSDAY 6-9pm REAL FUN Coleen Doyle
Feb 25th, SATURDAY 10am-1pm OUR THING & MY THING Jason Shotts
Feb 25th, SATURDAY 10am-1pm YEAH, BUT WHY Coleen Doyle
Feb 25th, SATURDAY 2.30-5.30pm EMPOWERED IMPROV Coleen Doyle
Feb 26th, SUNDAY 10am-1pm GET IN THE BOAT Jason Shotts
Feb 26th, SUNDAY 10am-1pm YEAH, BUT WHY Coleen Doyle
Feb 26th, SUNDAY 2.30-6.30pm THE RECIPE Jason Shotts
Feb 26th, SUNDAY 2.30-5.30pm REAL FUN Coleen Doyle

Unfortunately all DUMMY workshops are sold out. There are some spots available for IGLU and Szkoła Impro workshops.

Dummy workshops will be held in Szkoła Impro.


Colleen Doyle

Bio: Colleen Doyle grew up in Cleveland where she wrote greeting cards and was a part of the cast that opened The Second City Cleveland. She has made appearances in the indie features Close Quarters and Open Tables as well as the NYTVF Best Comedy Pilot, Shrink. Colleen taught at iO Chicago for the past five years (Teacher of the Year 2014) and performed with the lovely ladies of Virgin Daiquiri, Babymakers, and in the first sketch revue at the Mission Theater, Trap.

In LA, Colleen teaches at iOWest where she can be seen with the ensembles Dummy and Wheelhouse. For more info, please visit thecolleendoyle.com

Teaching testimonials:

“I have attended many improv workshops and classes but Colleen helped me wrap my head around bringing a strong point of view to a scene and using my gut instead of my head as my guide. She is a great instructor and hilarious to boot!” –Peggy

“Colleen was so ‘up my ass’ in that workshop. She really made a lasting impression. I would highly recommend letting her ‘get up your ass.’ Take her workshop. You won’t regret it.” –Jason C.

Class descriptions

Empowered Improv (3 Hours, 150PLN)

Despite the got-your-back mentality of all good improvisers, it’s easy to become judgmental of our fellow players choices. This attitude can be brought on by ham-fisted initiations, repeatedly being made to play low-status, being labeled or painted in a stereotypical way, or always being expected to play your actual gender/sexuality/race/religion. Since we are not able to control everyone else, let’s take control of ourselves to–whatever the situation–be able to put up good, fun scenes. We will use difficult initiations, labels and situations to work our lemons-into-lemonade muscles and come out ready and able to make everyone look good.

Real Fun (3 Hours, 150PLN)
This workshop is all about keeping your scenes honest and playing moment-to-moment to make improv easy and fun again. Connect with your scene partner, get out of your head, and bring more of yourself to the stage by relying on who you are and what you feel. Lots of personal feedback and tough love.
YeahBut Why? (3 Hours, 150PLN)
The infinite possibilities of improv are a big part of what makes it magical, but often compels us to invent too much premise and push too many ideas in our scenes. Instead of premise, we’ll focus on character-based scenes where we answer the why–what motivates these characters’ behavior? When we dig deep on character, point-of-view, and relationship we don’t need to rely on premise to make our scenes interesting and funny.


Jason Shotts

Bio:  Jason Shotts has been performing improv for audiences since 2003. Currently in Los Angeles and performing at the iO West Theater, he performs in the two-person improv show Dummy (winner of the iO Chicago’s Del Award for “Best Improv Show” in 2013 and 2014) as well as the Harold team Secret Twin and The Armando Diaz Experience.

He’s been teaching improv for the past 10 years and received the iO Chicago’s Del Award for “Best Teacher” in 2011 and 2013.

He’s performed and taught improv in London, Rome, Copenhagen, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Miami, Austin, Houston, Washington DC, Phoenix, Tucson, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Traverse City, Gainesville, and Warsaw, Poland!

Teaching testimonials:

“If Improv was a martial art, Mr. Shotts is what you’d call a Grandmaster. His technique is a serious workout. Bring all your attention, a pen and a lot of paper.” –Joe

“He makes difficult scene work seem easy in a fun and supportive environment. If you want to become a better improvisor, then take a workshop with Jason.” –Walt D.

“After a workshop with him you’ll spend more time in your scenes actually improvising instead of trying desperately to figure out what’s going on.” –Alex H.

Class descriptions

Simplify Your Scenework (3 hours, 150PLN)
Ever feel lost onstage? You “got in your head” and didn’t know what to do? Sounds like you’re working too hard. We’ll use a few simple techniques that will help you breathe easy and start having fun again. Stop trying so hard and put up a scene you’re proud of.

Our Thing & My Thing (3 hours, 150PLN)
Relationship goes deeper than Doctor/Patient or Roommates, so what’s “Our Thing” gonna be? Couple that with “My Thing” and you’ll never ask yourself “What’s next?” in a scene again.

The Recipe (4 hours, 200PLN)
It feels like there are so many rules in improv: “Listen and React,” “Heighten and Explore,” “Don’t Ask Questions”! It’s like you’re trying to juggle 18 things at once up there. Impossible, right?! This workshop will give you Jason’s “recipe” for easier improv scenes. It’s a simple step-by-step process to give you something to focus on as you and your partner build the scene together.

How To Be a “Supportive” Improviser (3 hours, 150PLN)
“Supportive” is a way many of us describe a “good” improviser. But what exactly are those improvisers doing? Basically, they’re making YOU the most important person in the scene. In this workshop, we’ll focus on various techniques to help you become the supportive improviser you want to be.

Get in the Boat! (3 hours, 150PLN)
Humans are naturally defensive. We can’t help it. Couple that with being watched by a crowd of people and you can’t help but separate and put up walls. “Yes, And” sounds so easy, but why is it so hard? In this workshop, we’ll use a few simple techniques that will help you drop your guard and focus on truly having fun with your scene partners.


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